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Suzuki Swift Sunvisor Mounting Replacement
Custom made mounting bracket for rear heated seat VW Polo 6R
Conceptual Design from raw ideas.
enemies of switches: oxidation and weak springs
restoration in progress
Don't have the right tool when you need it?
Long wet grass won't stop this drone from taking off and landing on it. Using the 3D printed landing gear extension, your drone will stay dry and clean.
Maybe if we can put 3Dprinter at this scale, restoration job is easier.
Fender Mirror mountings + custom-made silicon gaskets ready for delivery
Hello little Marvin!
Our customer in Atlanta, using our 3D printed landing gear on his Mavic Pro. Location here at Chattahoochee National Forest. Have a great flight!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
No. We aren't making any automotive airbag module connector. A good though.
Most failures in automotive electronics are simply due to bad wiring workmanships. Stop blaming the control modules!
Replacing the VW GTI emblem with our own company's 3D printed emblem. Swipe to the end to see the final finishing. 😊
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